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The real CPI – the Cappuccino Price Index

What do I have in common with a South American coffee bean farmer? We both hate too much rain. And apparently this is the reason that $4.50 has become the standard price of a coffee if you live in Perth in 2010.

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Coffee cup fads; Keep Cup or Bio Cup?

I’ve noticed lots of coffee shops selling ‘Keep Cups’ in the last few months. Great idea, but hardly a new idea. Sustainability consumer fads are like any other; “Here’s a new looking bio/eco/green/sustainable/hug-the-planet design that you must have”.

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Why is Fairtrade coffee worth it?

Following my recent quest for a guilt free gulp I went looking for more information on Fair Trade Coffee and how it can make a difference. Oxfam says Fairtrade coffee sales in Australia reached an estimated $14 million and have increased 75% in one year.

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Bonsoy getting sued by at least 50 victims

Newsflash – at least 50 people are attempting to sue Bonsoy and get compensation for medical costs and time off work because they’ve suffered thyroid damage believed to be caused by drinking Bonsoy.

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Guilt free goods; coffee that doesn’t hurt the planet

I’m going to get serious about my quest to try to be more friendly to the planet while drinking coffee. I remember reading (somewhere) that my two great loves; coffee and chocolate can both be farmed, processed and packaged in very damaging ways. If I’m going to love coffee in the unhealthy, co-dependent way that I do then I should at least make it a guilt free relationship.

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Luxe Bakery sulks about Name & Shame list after being caught selling Bonsoy illegally

A Sydney cafe is sulking loudly because they’ve been added to the NSW the government’s name-and-shame list of restaurants today. Luxe Bakery was also fined $660. All because they were illegally selling Bonsoy (soy milk) under the table, forgive the pun, after it was recalled for making people sick last year.

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